The Third Day of Christmas – Postman’s Knock and a Pioneer

On the third day of Christmas, we have three French hens. So birds, French; somehow my mind went back ‘several’ years. Who can remember the game that was known as Postman’s Knock, the anticipation mixed with dread, would you be chosen, did you even want to be; and as for the kissing…….French or otherwise? I don’t think I would like to relive all of that angst (no disrespect to any of the individuals involved!). At this stage of the party I think we should start playing some games; how about Postman’s knock? Just take a look at some of the pages in the blog. Pick a link to a topic, another blog or a tweeter and just go and pay them a virtual visit, leave a comment on their site or a reply in twitter, someone you haven’t ‘spoken’ to before and if you are very brave sign the comment with a p.s. xx #12DCP. Come back here and leave a link in the comments so we can all see what you’ve been up to.

The Spotify Playlist for this blog post can be found here.

Today 12 more legs have been delivered. Some people have been working very hard on the legs question and one person has the answer right – well done to @easternsparkle – I am saving your comment to publish later to allow some others time to get to the right answer too.

The reference to Pioneer is the topic for Illustration Friday which this week is ‘Pioneer’ (if you have come here from Illustration Friday, you might like yesterday’s post, create a Miximal). Here is a little story from me….


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  1. The playlist in words for those without spotifyCamera Obscura – French NavyFoals – The French OpenGirls Aloud – Can't Speak French – Radio EditStereolab – French Disko – 2006 Remastered Single VersionBabyshambles – French Dog BluesThe Teenagers – French KissLe Tigre – Fake FrenchAcademy Of London – The Carnival of the Animals: Hens and cocksFairport Convention – The Hens March / The Four Poster Bed – Edited Pre – Album VersionSolas – Crested Hens


    LOL and I popped over to see Easternsparkle. Great game Grethic. By the way, are you around in Ipswich on Tuesday or Wednesday this week? I'm visiting each day for a 10 minute slot on Radio Suffolk and thought it might be a good opportunity to meet up with a few Suffolk tweeters for a coffee afterwards. If you are free, I should be out of the studio by 11.30 latest. Karen x

  3. Cute story.

  4. lol – Your comment confused me briefly Easternsparkle! Thanks for visiting x

  5. Cute – love these drawings!

  6. ha ha ha! that is wonderful and funny! i just love the play on wordspeace

  7. I tried magnifying the page but can't read the words to your story, others can so it must be my eyesight!

  8. If I click directly in the image it expands to greater than full page size. But just for you here are the words1) One day a man, who wasn't feeling very well, went to the doctors2) The doctor took his magnifying glass out and said "I can see you have a large chip on your shoulder"3) The man thought for a while and then said "I had a traumatic childhood and was involved in a lot of fights"4) The doctor decided to take a closer look and then said "The bad news is, the fighting has left you with a right cauliflower ear"5) "But the good new is on the left side you have a Pie on Ear"6) The man was so delighted he decided to give peas a chance and went off to join the anti war movement.

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