Not a creature is stirring not even a mouse – Welcome to the Eve of the 12 Days of Christmas Party #12DCP

Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. However, over the next 12 days I am expecting a bunch of deliveries to go with my 12 Days of Christmas Party. You are very welcome by the way; do have a mince pie and a small glass of chilli sherry. Over the next 12 days there will be a post a day, hopefully you will find at least one that will make you stop and think, share a memory, create something new or do something different. For each day that you have a published comment I will turn it into a prize draw entry and on the 13th day of Christmas I will select a winner and put the answers into their rightful places. Please leave comments and links as appropriate. So by way of a warm up……………………………..

I am a ‘mostly’ good fairy. My true love has said that he is sending me gifts, but for historical reasons I am much affeared of not knowing how many legs I might see, (those who know me will understand why).

At the end of the 12th day of Christmas, how many legs will there be in my house?

You may ask for one wish to be granted, I may or may not choose to answer the question; I definitely will not answer the question if the answer I would have to give is a number.

Want another puzzle? If you haven’t already tried it yesterdays warm up is still available for comments.

The Spotify play list for this post is here


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  1. for those without #SPotify the Playlist in wordsJoy Zipper – 1Canteca de macao – 2Britney Spears – 3Alarm Will Sound – 4Interpol – 5Three Trapped Tigers – 6Prince – 7Los Planetas – 8Mercyful Fate – 9Dept. – 10Paavoharju – 11Katatonia – 12Sesame Street – The Twelve Days Of Christmas

  2. Couldn't sleep any longer so I thought I'd have a go – now the question is, did your true love only give you each gift once or did he keep bringing more of the same?

  3. A very sensible question – there are 12 verses to the song and they are all important. 🙂

  4. I can see I am the only saddo taking part in this so here we go.If you only count everybody (thing) once the answer will be 178 but if they are all counted everytime they're mentioned it's 718 – and that is the collective answer of the Sparkle family this Christmas Day!

  5. Sorry folks but you are close but no where near close enough!

  6. I make it 810!

  7. Hang on a minute, make that 812

  8. Ohh people are now coming up with some very good answers, just not the right one.

  9. The Sparkles wish to resubmit (this is tortuous)and, if you include you as the lucky receiver we now calculate the answer as 810 – however if your true love is also present we will add 2 but as Jaydubblah has already offered that answer, it's clearly not right!

  10. My true love used the postman to deliver his presents and neither the true love nor the posite hung around. Sorry girls you are still missing some things.

  11. Ok deleting 2 for the true love I now make it 928 or 930 if I count you

  12. Re submission – I guess the maids had to sit on stools to milk so 930 including your good self! BTW OH is taking this so seriously – will you pay for my divorce?????

  13. I am wondering… will you have eaten any of the legs on the way to the 12th day??

  14. hmmmm assuming you haven't eaten anything, and noting easternsparkles note about you and loved one, that will make (by my dubious reckoning) 630 legs..but have you any pets? Allowing a single cat/dog then we would have 634. If a budgie then only 632 (unless the swans ate him).another hmm… would the cat have eaten any of the birds along the way?

  15. OK so if we are now showing our workings out may I point out that a maid-a-milkig must have a cow if she's milking, and a milking stool too so on the eighth day I reckon 8 maids a milking equals 8 x (2 + 4 + 3)and will continue to do so for the next days too.

  16. Just so you know Easternsparkle is officially a clever clogs and has given the correct answer; but I have not published yet – to give others a chance to catch up 🙂

  17. Yeaaaaa – now I can finally shut the OH up, he's been on about it all day 'check, go on check to see if she's replied' and I am going to take full credit for the final answer because he told me my idea was stupid!!!!!

  18. Can you run through your working out easternsparkle pls? cos I still get a different number!!!!

  19. ok, I've added it up again…using a calculator this time. Which does help as it would seem I am not necessarily logically challenged I just can't add up 😦 And so I get 650. Is that any better???

  20. Oh dear, sorry; you are still quite a long way short of the total. At this point EasternSparkle can smile smugly knowing she and her o/h worked out all of the tricks in the logic. Keep trying 🙂

  21. Josordoni – ditch the calculator for a spreadsheet – look for an emerging pattern!!

  22. The trouble with logic it’s logically focussed,With numbers and patterns and systems and such .If you are a person who feels with their sensesThen patterns and numbers don’t bother you much.You can add it all upYou can hope you can fudge itBy adding in lovers and kittens and budgies But when it comes downTo the nubbly core If you don’t know your tablesYou don’t go in the draw 😦

  23. You've chosen the wrong furniture, Josordini and that's all I'm saying … for now! mwahahahaha 🙂

  24. i thought you got in the draw just for commenting not for getting the right answer – it won't be much of a draw with easternsparkle the only person in there now will it??

  25. right a question – you said 'in my house' do you literally mean inside the building or do you include the garden etc in your definition?????

  26. All presents are delivered to my house, by the postman, who leaves as soon as he has delivered them. I allow all the gifts to enter the house and none escape, leave, get eaten or otherwise disappear. I hope this helps!

  27. i've got a better idea than answering the question – i'll just comment lots on the blog posts and this will up my chances of winning the prize ;0

  28. Right after much checking and double checking of numbers and wondering what the maids were doing and discounting the delivery man, the true love, the dog or any other pets and any children. I get the answer to be 930. And if its not right I'm not spending more time on it so there ;0

  29. I'm really not certain about this..assuming you count as two legs (you haven't grown any extra over Xmas have you?) And with the milkmaids having their cows and their stools, I am now at 930…And now I am holding my breath….

  30. Well done guys – 930 was the correct answer.

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