Com Post – How Green are we at Christmas – Invite to the #12DCP & Harlequin invaders

Been at home today – always a mistake; too much time for reflection as the pile of tissues mounts at my side. Bit of a personal challenge this one, self audit looking at how green we are in the lead up to Christmas, as I’ve asked myself the questions I will be avoiding the difficult ones.

Miles Bit of a mix I cycle lots but with family all over the country car and train essential
Waste Trying Try to buy loose rather than pre-packed so only buy what need

Do freeze and use leftovers
Fuel consumption Trying very hard Bought an Owl which has been interesting. However one of the towel rails is firmly back on as better than mouldy towels and using the tumble dryer [and I avoid ironing]

Buy a green tariff and awaiting quote for solar water heating
Chemicals Gone very eco Tend to use ecover/simple/method and co-op ‘eco’ ranges. Also use borax, bicarb and non chlorine bleaches and washable dusters and cloths
Water Butts 3 water butts on the go but still not enough
Waste Compost crazy Shred receipts and use as chicken bedding

Bokashi bin for non meat kitchen waste

Homemade Wormery – which you can hear working!

Wet and dry compost bins

Council compost (takes ages to fill)
Cards Christmas cards Recycle into the next years cards see my SCD posts
Waste Council bins and village hall bins Glass, paper, tins – sad that we have to drive to get rid of tetra packs

Clearly I should start with fabric hankies and a copper to boil them in after use!

OK it’s not perfect; it is a fairly solid start though. To everyone on my Green & Gardens Twitter list you are invited to the #12DCP and of course anyone else who would like to join in – Twelve days of Christmas party, a virtual party, open to everyone. Call back during the 12 days for all sorts of nonsense. If you are coming, what ‘green’ thing will you bring? Also choose some music for the #12DCP playlist on Spotify – I will see if I can also blip the tracks for non-spotify users.

Spotify playlist for this post is on a different note. – Audit of harlequin ladybirds on a window frame – Thanks to @flashmaggie who made me aware of this in her post.


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  1. Think I'm going to have to freecycle some worms again – the bins are seething!


    Just saw your lovely Tweet.And I love your list. I'm going to bring a big reusable bag and will take your tetra paks back with me to save you a trip. I'll bring some local apple juice too. Will be spoilt for choice though with the number of apple growers in Suffolk Karen@therubbishdiet 😀

  3. Hi! I am so glad you mentioned Ecover. I am their US public relations representative and we love hearing what others have to say about the product on their own. Here's an interesting little side note. If you're using Ecover dishwashing liquid and using the in-sink two tub method so that you can reuse the water later (like for pouring over your potted plants), you may just end up with a bonus: like a vegetable garden. The tomato seeds from my salads ended up in this water and began taking over potting boxes. How cool is that?!

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