Illustration Friday – Crunchy – Plus an invite if you would like to come to the #12DCP Party

Over on Illustration Friday the topic this week is ‘crunchy’. I have been travelling so a hastily drawn cartoon contains my idea.

I am planning a ‘virtual’ party and need your help, if you are an illustrator, designer or otherwise creative see below:

Yesterday I launched the idea for my Twelve Days of Christmas Party and started by inviting my foodie list on twitter to come up with ideas ie what dish they would bring, who their +1 is and suggest some tracks. As well of those that posted comments below some ideas came via twitter; including:

  • @goodshoeday a selection of homemade flavoured voddy’s and gins and some sourdough bread
  • @Adnams Alcoholic custard Broadside our +1 @sarahEgroves play
  • @welovelocalfood a selection of @purelypesto hummus dips and beer from @grainbrewery & Spectrum Brewery
  • @essexgourmet the V best of ‘virtual’ well Hung Game, a case of Margaux & a Karaoke machine
  • @ brockhallfarm  I’m bringing lots of dinky Brockette goats cheeses to your party; semi-hard, mold ripened and not too goaty. And a larger truckle too .  Also bringing some champers, to get the party off on the right, sparkling note.

So we have some food, but there is always space for more. We’ll leave the foodies for now, sourcing ingredients, exploring recipes and comparing notes and trust them to come up with still more ideas. To help I have been in the West Country testing cider and although I tried Stowford, Bristol Port and Ashton, all good West Country Ciders – I think I like good old Aspall best.

The idea is that for the 12 days of Christmas ie Christmas day to the January 5th there will be a virtual party running here under the guise of #12DCP ie 12 Days of Christmas Party. A mid-winter excuse for fun, games, confessions and wotnot.

Now the invite to all artists, designers, illustrators and other creatives: This virtual party is taking place in a very large house with lots of rooms, but at the moment they are but blank canvases, could you please come up with some ideas for room designs, great party spaces to create atmosphere. Please leave a comment with a link to your design, also let me know who your +1 will be and any music you would like added to the play list.

The Spotify playlist for the party is growing and can be found here Party

p.s. I was asked about the dress code – please don’t come as you are, but come as you would be; illustrations, links to costumes and outfits always welcome.


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  1. Oh Lordy Grethic, what could I bring that you don't already have?! Think I will bring some oatcakes and good cheese to go with my Lavender Jelly plus a bottle of Quince cider. How's that?

  2. I am working on a room but getting the perspective right is proving challenging so it may be a room as it looks after a couple of those Cherry B's

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