Illustration Friday – on not drawing

I really wish I could draw.  I admire the work of so many artists and now I am working in a school I love the idea of learning techniques as they are taught in schools these days; fantastic.  One of the nicest things about twitter and the web is that people who create work can quickly send links to all sorts of art.  I appreciate this is not the same as seeing things in the flesh. Looking closely at art from different perspectives and handling pieces can make such a difference; as can talking to the artists, so Open Studios can be greatly illuminating.  The web though offers one little gem – Illustration Friday, a theme is posted each week and artists submit their work. This week’s theme is ‘Pattern’, so I thought I would add this petite creation, generated using brushes on the i-phone.


Posted on September 25, 2009, in i-phone, Illustration Friday. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. blimey have you been at the damson gin its like a jackson pollack take on a table cloth ;0

  2. Very cool and beautiful! It would make a great blanket or shaw. Even a wall hanging. Kudos!

  3. really like your color pattern.

  4. Vanessa Brantley Newton

    this is such a wonderful pattern. Very nicely done!

  5. iphone eh? awesome!!

  6. Grethic don't wish it. I would like to encourage you that anyone can draw with practice. It is all observation (copy what you see).Break things down into their simple shapes, noting the angles and start from there. Have a go…you may surprize yourself 🙂

  7. On the iPhone? Really? This is really neat.

  8. I like the soft quality to this – nice job!

  9. I really like what you created, and I second what KWB Illustration said.I think that one can train one's brain so that one draws what one observes, instead of drawing symbols of things. For example, try drawing your hand (palm up) without looking at the paper; just follow the lines of your hand with your eyes (this is from a class that I took 20 years ago from a teacher who used techniques from a book titled "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.")

  10. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this site, much more my thing, will have a go

  11. PS, I do like your pattern and the colours, you don't have to be able to draw to enjoy art or produce something beautiful, that's what I keep telling myself anyway

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