What to do with Green Plums?

There was the phone call; ‘a branch of our plum tree has come down can you use green plums?’ Then a bit of research on t’internet which led to some interesting sites covering India, Persia and Japan in their influences:

First and most amusing was http://www.ifood.tv/recipe/pickles_from_green_plums two recipes using green plums to make mango/lime chutney like pickles.

The first hot and sour the second sweet and sour. I have tried to interpret the recipes. I may have some problems; the hot and sour one keeps developing a surface mould. The sweet one; once the sugar was added, became very liquid and appears to be ‘working’, creating slight fizzing activity. I suspect both would have been enhanced by Indian sunshine rather than English humidity. I’ll let you know if a) I am poisoned b) they explode c) I recommend repeating the process.

Second was http://persiankitchen.wordpress.com/2009/05/22/khoresht-gojeh-sabz-unripe-plums-stew/ – wow the result was SOUR. I can see how it might work,

certainly add sugar or honey but overall perhaps our English plums were just too unripe or bitter.

Third, http://www.deliciouscoma.com/archives/2009/05/diy_umeshu_plum_wine.html well; I’ll have
to wait and see the liquid is currently off brown,

but clear and I did put in plenty of sugar, so give it a few more weeks and it might be worth a try.

Post script added 20th September 2009 – Just tasted the Umeshu and decanted it into a bottle.  It is now clear, the colour of weak tea and tastes fantastic!

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  1. Hurrah now i won't have to keep trying to find the tweet with the recipes in :)I've got the two pickles on the go and am going to do the lamb…and am doing some japanese pickle.We'll be able to compare notes on progress

  2. Hi, an update from me. I notice that people are coming to the site again using search terms for green plum recipes. In the end both pickles kept well and continued to mature into good chutneys. The Umeshu though was the best use of green plums, delicious stuff. – If you do try the recipes let me know how you get on.

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