Pub Quiz – Round 8 – Many hands make light work. In which……

… we have a round of questions related to light


How long does it take in minutes (rounded to nearest whole number) for light to travel to Earth from the Sun?


Who is attributed with the invention of the first practical light bulb (integrated system)?


The Electric Light Orchestra was created by which two rock stars?


The lightest metal is what?


Cigarette lighters contain which liquid hydro-carbon?


Which poem starts Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward,


Where would you expect to pay £150 for an electric company, illustrated by a light bulb?


Which team wears Light Blue in the Varsity Boat Race?


In 1895 which famous studios produced individually designed and constructed stained glass lamps?


What was the police based film that Jack Warner stared in before Dixon of Dock Green?


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  1. 1 8
    2 Thomas Edison
    3 Geoff Lynn Roy Wood
    4 Lithium5 Butane
    6 The Charge of the light brigade – Alfred Lord Tennyson
    7 Standard UK monopoly board
    8 Cambridge
    9 Tiffany – actual designer was Clara Driscoll
    10 The blue lamp

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