Pub Quiz – Round 5 – First and last, in which……….

We have a round of beginnings and endings of one form or another, obviously only half a point if you only get half the answer!



What are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet?


Who were the first and last wives of Henry the Eighth (first and last names)?


Who were the first and the last American presidents to be assassinated?


Where are the first and last F1 grand prix locations for the 2009 season?


What where the start and finish in the film Genevieve?


What was the start and finish for the 2009 Dakar rally?


Cycle Route 1 which goes through Framlingham starts and finishes where?


What decade did Edward 1st & Edward 8th come to the throne?


What are the first and last books of the new testament?


What were the first and last manned moon landing missions called?


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  1. Alison - Eco Eco

    qqqqa <— our cat's answer to the first question, but I'll go for Alpha and OmegaAnne of Cleves/Catherine ParrLincoln/ClevelandBrazil/GermanyLondon/BrightonDon't knowOh dear1930sUmmmApollo 11/12Hangs head in shame – really should know more of those. I'll get me coat.

  2. 1 Alpha and omega2 Catherine of Aaragon and Catherine Parr3 Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy4 Australia and Abu Dhabi5 London Brighton6 Buenes Aries to Buenes Aries (via Valparaisso (Chile))7 Dover to the Shetland Isles8 Edward 1 1272 (1270’s) Edward 8 1936 (1930’s)9 Matthew and Revelation10 Apollo 11 and Apollo 17

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