Pub Quiz – Round 4 – Keeping up with the Jones, in which……

The questions all have something Jones related as before if you post your answers in the comments section I will let you know how you are doing


What rank was Jack Jones in Dad’s Army?


Alias Smith and Jones starred who?


Tom Jones was born where?


John Paul Jones was a founder member of which legendary band?


Norah Jones has a famous father – who?


Terry Jones came to fame with Monty Pythons Flying Circus – when did this first appear on our screens?


Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones died in 1969 – how did he die?


There have been a number of Indiana Jones Films since 1981 – what is the name of the last film made about the adventurer?


The origin of the phrase “keeping up with the Jones’s” was first popularised in what way?


Who was the author of a History of Tom Jones (a Foundling 1749)?


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  1. Alison - Eco Eco

    CorporalPete Duel (also spelled 'Dueul') and Ben Murphy were the original two actors. Can't remember the name of the actor who took over when Duel died.Cardiff?Kinks?[Sound of head beating on desk]1969?Died in a swimming pool?Indiana Jones and the Crystal SkullsDuring wartime? To deter people from buying things they didn't need? Just a guess.Henry FieldingOh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Crashed and burned.

  2. 1 Lance Corporal2 Pete Duel and Ben Murphy3 Trefforest, Pontypridd4 Led Zeplin5 Ravi Shankar6 19697 Drowned in a swimming pool drugs/drink8 Kingdom of The Crystal Skull9 Comic Strip in American Newspapers from 191310 Henry Fielding

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