Round 2 – Pub Quiz Matters Medical in which……..

All of the questions relate to Doctors of various kinds. As before if you post your answers as a comment I will let you know how you are getting on.

p.s. For those who follow me via twitter we have power back, sorry for the enforced delay – country living don’t you know.


The Doctor in the House Books were written by?


Doctor Who was first shown on the television screens in which year?


Doctor David Owen was a former Labour MP and founder member of the SDP was an MP in for which parliamentary seat?


Doctor Finlay’s Casebook was set in Tannochbrae, what was the name of the doctor whose opinions he regularly challenged?


Doc Martens footwear has been associated with which football club?


Which Doctor performed the first successful human heart transplant?


Dr Strangelove was played by whom?


Who was the High Court Judge appointed to oversee the Shipman Inquiry?


Who was the author of Dr Doolittle?


Dr Crippen was arrested in which country after fleeing England


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  1. Alison - Eco Eco

    Richard Gordon1964Cardiff? Not a clueCameronMillwallChristian BarnardPeter SellersSorry, no ideaOh dear can't rememberUSA[Pleased I didn't take this as the Joker Round]

  2. Answers to round 21 Richard Gordon2 19633 Plymouth Devonport4 Dr Snoddy5 Rushden and Diamonds6 Dr Chrisian Barnard7 Peter Sellars8 Dame Janet Smith DBE9 Hugh Lofting10 Canada

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