Round 1 of the Pub Quiz – IT in which………….

I did say the round titles might not help. Round 1 is IT in which all of the answers contain the letters IT in that order. Please put your answers as a comment; I will let you know how many you have right full answers will be posted after the second round.


An 1842 book by Edgar Alan Poe, in 1961 it became a film with Vincent Price and features a giant pendulum


A technique used in macramé, pigtails, braiding, corn dolly making and stringing onions or garlic


a style of printing type patterned on a Renaissance script with the letters slanting to the right


Yes Minister and Only Fools and Horses are examples of this type of comedy


This gland is at the base of the brain, about the size of a pea and weighs approximately 0.5g


The soft spongy substance in the centre of the stems of many plants and trees


a brand of smokeless fuel invented by Thomas Parker in 1904


a form of iron oxide that is usually a silver grey or black/steel colour. Its metallic appearance is brought bout when the material is polished, if it were to be ground or cut up it would look red or red brown. If heated it can become mildly magnetic


The government recommend that you have five of these a day


a process for calculating a desired result by means of a repeated cycle of operations

Good luck, remember post your answers as a comment and I will publish as a group. Deadline for completed answers is tomorrow evening at 10.30pm


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  1. Alison - Eco Eco

    Pit and the PendulumPlaitingItalicSitcomPituitaryPithAnthraciteMagnetite, or is it Haematite? Umm, I'll go for the latterFruit and VegAddition?

  2. One person with 8/10 results to be published after round two completed

  3. The answers were:1 The Pit and the Pendulum2 Plait3 Italic4 Situation5 Pituitary6 Pith7 Coalite8 Haematite9 Fruit and veg10 Iterative

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