Pub Quiz

It always seems a pity to put in a lot of work creating pub quiz questions and then they are not used again. So just for fun I thought I would run the quiz here for a few days. There are ten rounds of ten questions; no prizes, just your own personal glory, after all I cannot tell if you phoned a friend or used a wiki. So first choose your joker round, if you have ever taken part in the quizzes O/H and I set you will know that the headings for the rounds may or may not be useful. If you put your answers in the comments section I will publish them all together after 24-48 hours. It may or may not help you to know that the questions were set for the Old Mill House, pub in Saxtead, Suffolk.

Choose your Joker rounds from:

Round Name




Matters Medical


Seek and Ye Shall Find


Keeping up with the Jones’s


First and Last


The Name’s Bond


Cloak and Dagger


Many hands make light work


The Play what I wrote


Kings and Queens


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  1. Ooh, 'Matters Medical' or 'The Name's Bond'… oh go on, let's plump for the latter.When does the quiz begin?

  2. I'll go for IT

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