What has twitter ever done for you?

On the one hand:  nothing – because it isn’t twitter it’s the people on twitter (as opposed to the bots and spammers) that really make it work.

And on the other hand: Let’s see – 

  •    Given me perspective, actually helped me to decide that it would be better for me to give up a senior management job and bike to a local job, working in the community
  •    Generated a fantastic design coming in from @flashmaggie for our Expo in Dennington on 20th June based on the sciapod
  •     Won a competition thanks to @penelopeelse and @cartoono The Dys-Artist’s Delight – 29 May 2009
  •     Led to potential involvement with @FoodSafariUK, thinking about cottage gardening, liquors, syrups and vinegars
  •     Free coffee at Suffolk Show by saying tweet tweet at the coffee stand thanks to the glorious @paddyandscotts
  • Encouraged me to take part in a script writting competition – but I will have to put stuff on paper rather than wake up with the plot rerunning in my head at 4.00 am.  thanks to @antoniablue

Actually it’s been a great week if you go to my ‘favorites’ list in twitter you will find many other super people

Please leave a comment – what has twitter ever done for you?  what about the foodsaffari idea?

Ohh and the pigs –  they were at the show and I just love pigs


Posted on May 29, 2009, in cartoons, coffee, fete, Foodie/Green/Gardening, life changes, twitter. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. easternsparkle

    Great post – good luck with the new job, I’m glad you,ve had the oppertunity to take the chance!H

  2. Aww, thanks for the mention. Twitter has opened up a whole new social networking expierience. i’m not a member of Facebook, don’t fancy that, but this is fast and it doesn’t matter how long you spend on-line, you can pick up with stuff any time. i actually started with Twitter when I was chosen to write a character (@fragharpy) for the @RFMPlay, so overall it’s been a great experience.Good Tweeps on Twitter!

  3. Glad you liked the logo. I like Twitter because of the funny people. As I live alone, my neighbour must wonder what I’m laughing at.

  4. Good post I love twitter for the people and the inspiration to try new things or to remind you of old stuff that needs to be revitalised.

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